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Welcome to Dowe Dynamics! This is where your journey starts…

Resistance Training

Dumbbells of up to 160lbs are available for heavy lifters as well as machines hand-picked by International Federation of Bodybuilding Champion, Ian Dowe, trainer to stars such as Ms. Olympia and Michael Flatley, to name but a few.

Personal Training

Do you need guidance and motivation to get into the shape? We can put you in touch with the best personal trainers in London, who will patiently encourage you to set goals, obtain those goals and maintain the right physique.


Warm up and cool down in our fully equipped cardiovascular area on the first floor.

Our Philosophy

Getting fit will help you to reach your full potential in life. Consistent training and healthy eating will equal less stress and more energy.

At Dowe Dynamics Gym we believe in creating a workout that’s right for you and you alone. Our goal is to help you achieve a personalised fitness that throws in heaps of fun, fitness and friendship along the way.

So why not join us today to get the results you desire?


I love training at Dowe Dynamics. There is a friendly atmosphere and always a personal welcome at reception. Its owner, Ian Dowe, is my personal trainer and with his expertise I’ve achieved the body of my dreams.

– Donna Maria de Lisser (Winner of Miami Pro Over 40’s)

I’ve been attending Dowe Dynamics since May 2013 now and I could only explain my experience as exceptional. The trainers and staff are very friendly and helpful. and Anthony, my personal trainer, is a joy to work with. He motivates me to push myself harder and I am seeing the benefits. My overall health and physique is much better.

– Aria Dixon

I started to train at Dowe Dynamics Gym in June 2013. I didn’t know what I was doing until I was introduced to one of the personal trainers, Anthony Dowe.

Anthony has been so motivational and understanding of my needs. He really listens to the changes I want to achieve and has definitely helped me to achieve my goals.

– Simona Tiskute

From the moment I joined Dowe Dynamics, the staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

– Anne Jones